Finnglass dates back to 70’ when company ” Tahtilasi Oy” was found. Today shareholders of Finnglass Oy are Mr. Timo Saukko and Mr. Markku Manninen.

Finnglass is known as a technically advanced supplier of various glass products in construction business. Finnglass has developed an electrically heated glass that has been successfully manufactured for over 25 years. Clients are both customers in Finland as well as the leading glass/metal contractors in the world. Finnglass has exported heated glass panes for more than 20 years to Scandinavia, Russia and Europe. In Finnglass all the key processes are under the same roof; Design, glass strength calculations, electrical design of glass, cutting, grinding, tempering, lamination, manufacturing of electrically heated glass and production of insulating glass units.


Since all the key manufacturing processes are located on our shop floor the quality and delivery time of the products can be well controlled.

At the early stages of the project we will participate in the design and specification processes together with the customer, the architect and the designers. In this process the technical properties, tolerances and mechanical strength of the glass are defined, taking into account customer requirements and existing building regulations and instructions. In the specification process we utilize our more than 25 years’ of experience in the most demanding projects in the world. If required, detailed plans and CAD drawings of the glasses are provided for the customer. The electrical design of heated glass also includes the required documentation for the glasses.

In volume products orders from the customers go directly to our ERP system where the processes required are defined. The glasses are then cut, edge treated, tempered, heat-strengthened, laminated, and assembled to final glass unit. Electrically heated glasses are also tested individually for which a Test Protocol will be delivered with the glasses to the customer.

If higher than standard quality is requested we will help our customers in defining the requirements and, if agreed, we will also provide data on quality to the customer, so that the quality of delivered products can be verified. When working with us the customer is able to utilize superior overall expertise in the field.

Our machinery and equipment suppliers are the leading companies in the business. Additionally, because of our long experience and expertise several key machines and processes have been further developed to meet better the requirements of our customers and products.