Other Products

With the experience of dozens of years of Finnglass Oy manufactures toughened, laminated and insulating glass units and their various combinations. Our production is smooth because we have all the key processes under the same roof.

Tempered glass

By tempering the glass its strength is increased significantly. In this case, it can be used especially in areas where load carrying capacity and protection are required. In addition, when broken, tempered glass is broken down into small, almost harmless particles.

Applications: shopfront glasses in shopping malls, balcony glasses, terraces, outer layer of insulating glass unit in roof glazing

Heat-strengthened glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a heat-treated glass like tempered glass. Its strength, however, is not that high. When broken, it forms larger pieces. Heat-strengthened glass is specially used in laminated roof lites and walk-on glasses since even when broken the glass can bear some load and do not fall down.

Laminated glass

Two or multiple glasses are laminated together with a PVB foil. In this case the glass combination also gets more strength. As the glass breaks, fragments stick to the film so they are not so harmful. In addition, the glass prevents penetration through it.

Applications: Where personal safety or property protection is required, such as roof glazing, railings, balustrades, curtain walls, burglar resistance glasses, sound insulating glasses

Tempered/ Heat-strengthened and laminated glass

Combination of the past glass compositions, combining the best features of these products. The glasses are either tempered and heat-strengthened and then laminated with a pvb foil.

Applications: Where special strength, personal safety or property protection is required, such as shopfront glasses, glass roofs, railings, balustrades, curtain walls, sound insulating glasses, walk-on glazing

Insulating Glass Units

The insulating glass units are composing of two or more glasses hermetically assembled to each other. In this case, the thermal insulation of the glass will be significantly improved. Normally properties, such as solar control, burglar resistance, sound insulation and personal safety are included in insulating glass units.

Applications: facades, roof glazing

The electrically heated glass

The electrically heated glass is an insulating glass unit or a laminated glass, in which the electric current generates heat for desired purpose. Heating is easy to control. The heat produced can be addressed up to 90% efficiency to the required direction using state-of-art glass coatings and gasses in between the glasses. Finnglass is the original developer of Electrically heated glass and market leader in the business. The products are tested according to relevant standards.