Villa Överby

Villa Överby's residential house in Stockholm, with Finnglass's electrically heated glass, offers a unique architecture and comfort.

Santa's Hotel Aurora

Finnglass Electrically heated glass has created unique look and Thermal environment to Santa’s hotel Aurora in Luosto. Heated inner surface provides the best indoor conditions and the heated outside surface is equipped with snow melting in order to keep the glasses clear and transparent.

Hotel Kotkanpesä

The Hotel Kotkanpesä in Syöte has been selected among the most romantic hotels in the world by the Daily Telegraph magazine. The object was equipped with Finnglass electrically heated glass. In ceilings snow is melt by heated panels to provide visibility through roof lite, and the glasses also warm room air to create the best indoor conditions.

Tikkurilan Asemasilta

Personal safety of the Tikkurila station bridge was solved with Finnglass glasses. The risk of falling snow from roofs was prevented by Finnglass electrically heated glasses with snow-melting and automatic control system. The glass cleaning and need of maintenance was minimized by using self-cleaning glass on the outer surface.

Gangloff Cabins

The condensation problem of the Caribbean Cruiser gondola glass was solved by means of electrically heated glass. In Caribbean conditions, humidity caused by passengers in Gondola will condence to the glass surfaces and prevents visibility. Using Finnglass Electrically Heated Glass for anti-condensation the problem was solved could be solved and clear visibility was achieved.

Picture: GANGLOFF CABINS Switzerland

Gostiny Dvor

In Gostiny Dvor 13000 sqm of electrically heated glass is used for snow-melting. The entire courtyard was covered with an electrically heated glass roof to get natural light inside throughout the year. The project was built in 1998 and is still in full operation without any warranty claim!

Levin Iglut

With an electrically heated glass, Levi Igloos provide good indoor conditions and clear visibility to the surrounding nature. Inner surface of the glasses heats the room whereas outer surface melts the snow. Since the product has been a success more and more Igloos are built.

Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen

With electrically heated glass Arctic Resort Kakslauttanen has been appreciated by international tourists. The first Igloos were built over 15 years ago and success story continues. Igloos have both snow-melting function on the outer side and heating on interior surface. Indoor heating ensures that conditions meet the desires of the most demanding traveler even at the toughest, even at -50 ° C conditions. Exterior snow-melting is the key factor to ensure clear visibility to the sky since international customers visit the place to see Northern Lights.