Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Arctic glass igloo village built with Electrically Heated Glass. Clientele includes domestic and international travelers seeking unique experiences.

About the solution

  • Technologies used: Electrically Heated Glass, Tempered Glass, Double-Glazed Insulated Glass
  • Benefits: Easy maintenance, clear views for clients at all time, year-round comfort indoors
  • Location: Saariselkä, Finland

Due to the comfort brought by Electrically Heated Glass, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort has been appreciated by tourists world wide. The first igloos were built over 15 years ago and the success continues. Igloos feature insulated glass with heating both on the inner and outer glass panes to keep indoor conditions cozy and to melt ice and snow on the outside. Indoor heating ensures that conditions meet the most demanding travelers' desired level of comfort, even when the outside temperature drops to -50 ° C. It is important to keep exterior glass clear of ice and snow, since many travelers head to Kakslauttanen to see the nordic lights.