Electrochromic Smart Glass

Dynamically tints to control sunlight and solar heat


Solar control

Program windows to react to weather,
season and time of day

Quality that lasts

30 years of trailblazing research
with leading universities

Unobstructed views

Stepless tinting to adjust daylight
without compromising transparency

Easy to control

Wall-mounted control unit or your
Building Management Systems

Architectural freedom

Enjoy a clean architectural look
without blinds of shades

Energy efficient

Electricity needed only when changing tint,
not to maintain tint

When to use our Electrochromic Smart Glass?

Increase productivity

It's hard to focus on work if you are dazzled or scorched by the sun. With Electrochromic Smart Glass, sunrays feel cool on your skin even on a hot summer day. Achieve ideal working conditions by adjusting light and solar energy trasmission, separately. Changes in tint are smooth and subtle and can be programmed to happen automatically or on demand. All electrical parts are certified for health and safety, and work even in cold climates.

Get a low-energy certification

Tackle temperature control where unwanted heat loss and gain happens – your windows and glass walls. In the summer, Electrochromic Smart Glass prevents solar heat from getting in, reducing the need for air conditioning. In the winter, parameters can be adjusted to let solar radiation in to benefit from heat gain. Electrochromic Smart Glass uses electricity only when changing tint and reduces your carbon footprint. The energy efficient nature of our solution goes a long way in helping you aquire a LEED, BREEAM or Green Building Certification.

Enjoy architectural freedom

Let your inspiration take over. Get that clean architectural look without blinds and shutters interfering with your design, or the view. The tinted state is an even, neutral shade of gray that can easily be paired with any design. Wires are hidden in window frames, making it easy to install Electrochromic Smart Glass even in moving glass panes, such as sliding glass doors or casement windows.

How does it work?

Electrochromism refers to the use of electricity to change color or tint. Our electrochromic coating is made of tungsten oxide, applied on a PET foil and installed between two PVB or SGP films and two glass panes. The edges of the glass panes have electrode strips that lead electric current from a highly flexible double-insulated cable to the coating. When low electrical voltage is passed through the coating, ions move between layers, changing the properties of glass. 

This technology combines roughly 30 years of trailblazing research into electrochromic coatings with local universities and unparalleled experience in installing electric parts to glass structures. Electrochromic coating can be applied to single, double, triple and even quadruple-glazed windows.

In the example on the left, Electrochromic Smart Glass is combined with Electrically Heated Glass to make active glazing suitable for all conditions.

Technology in numbers

  • Power consumption: 1 W/m2 when changing tint, 0.05 W/m2 on average, and 0 W/m2 at standby.
  • Sizes: up to 1.57 m x 4.4 m. Other sizes are available on request.
  • Shapes: Curved and shaped glass (triangle, cylinder, parallelogram etc.) are available on request.