Laminated Glass

For added safety, strength and visual effect

Load bearing

Up to 50 cm thick, while maintaining
high optical quality

Visual effect

Get that translucent look,
or add color or a print

High quality

Made with PVB film, CE marked
and standards compliant

Post-impact strength

Stays in shape even after breaking
to stop objects from falling through


Continuous development with universities
for thicker & stronger laminate

When to use our Laminated Glass?

For ambitious architectural designs

Thick Laminate is made of horizontally stacked multilayer laminate that is strong enough to challenge concrete in load-bearing structures. It gives architects new possibilities to realize their artistic visions without compromising the beauty and simplicity of glass with intrusive steel structures. Even when 50 cm thick, daylight, shadows and moving objects can still be seen through translucently. This makes Thick Laminate ideal for glass roofs and walk-on glass floors. Walk-on glass is often combined with our anti-slip glass treatment.

Thick Laminate press release

For added safety

Traditionally, laminated glass is used for added safety. The PVB coating between glass panes keeps glass shards in place even if it breaks, maintaining the shape of glass, as well as some of its strength post impact. This is naturally important in skyscrapers. Depending on your needs, it is possible to replace regular PVB with construction PVB/SGP or sound control PVB. Further strength and safety can be achieved by combining Laminated Glass with one of our heat-treated glasses.

Heat-Treated Glass