Insulated Glass

A multilayered thermal envelope for your building


Multi-glazed glass

We offer double, triple and
even quadruple-glazed glass

Reinforces benefits

Enhances the performance of
our other thermal technologies

Superior quality

Rigorous testing to quarantee
superior quality

Basis for solutions

IGUs serve as the basis for
many of our solutions

When to use our Insulated Glass?

For thermal insulation

We have a long history and a lot of expertise in insulated glass, as Finnglass was one of the first in the world to offer triple and quadruple-glazed glass already in the 1970s. We were also the first in the world to offer commercialized low-E glass. Today, IGUs provide a starting point for a lot of our solutions on top of which, other products, features and coatings are fitted.

Quality beyond standands

Instead of using quality standards, which leave room for thermal inefficiencies, we define quality requirements with the client. We take quality seriously by putting our products through rigorous testing, such as tests for gas consistency and thermal stress. Our unique edge grinding machinery guarantees zero tolerance with regards to measuring inaccuracies. In addition, well treated edges increase the strength of glass, and their longevity