Bird Friendly Glass

Lintu-Laser™ and Laser-Bird bird-friendly solutions meets the highest aesthetic demands


Certified expertise

30 years of experience and
all parts certified for safety.

Preventing collisions

Bird protection glass is becoming increasingly important in modern architecture.

Strength & safety

Strength and safety to meet
the requirements of building codes.

The Art of Bird Protection

Why Bird Protection Glass?

Bird protection glass is becoming increasingly important in modern architecture. Unfortunately, songbirds in particular do not recognize the dangers posed to them by transparent and reflective glass surfaces. Green plants behind large panes of glass, trees and shrubs that are reflected by facades or the sunlight shining through a glass balustrade are not perceived as an imminent danger, but as part of their natural habitat. Bird protection glass such as Finnglass Lintu-Laser™ and LaserBird effectively prevent collisions. How? Patterns like dots, squares or other designs, that are visible to birds, are applied onto the glass surface in a certain size and at certain intervals.

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Keeping Birds Safe Dot by Dot

What makes Lintu-Laser™ glass so very special? The patterns are applied in a laser ablation process. Meaning, they are not screen printed, but are created by lasering ultra-fine structures into the glass surface, adding an aesthetic appeal to modern buildings. To achieve the best bird protection the laser pattern is applied to surface 1. Currently three standard patterns are available. Customized designs are available on request.

Quality Tests, Standards and Certificates

Finnglass Lintu-Laser™ bird-friendly glasses meet all relevant standards.


• Gloss value requirement of ≤ 6 (ASTM D523)
• “Guidelines for Assessment of the Visual Quality of Glass in Buildings” and Guidelines for Assessment of the Visual Quality of Enamelled Glass“
• Successfully evaluated by the American Bird Conservancy

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We are currently working on the design of the Laser-Bird brochure and expect to have it ready early April.

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