Heat-Treated Glass

Tempered and heat-strengthened to meet your needs in safety and durability

Tempered Glass


Strength & safety

Strength and safety to meet
the requirements of building codes

High optical quality

Try finding another product that looks better
(no roller wave, white haze etc.)

Low risk

Heat soak tested to reduced risk
of spontaneous breakage

When to use our Tempered Glass?

For strength and to meet building codes

Tempered glass is heat treated for superior strength and thermal resistance. The use of tempered glass is often regulated in building codes and used, for example, in shop fronts, balconies, terrasses, skylights, roofs and the outer glass pane in Insulated Glass Units. We also use Tempered Glass in our Electrially Heated Glass to withstand electricity. Our internal quality requirements for tempered glass go beyond CE markings and industry standards.

Electrically Heated Glass

When standard quality is not enough

A lot of our clients, even professionals that have been in the business for decades, think that optical distortions are inconveniences inherent in tempered glass that cannot be fixed. This is not true. We make tempered glass that is virtually free of any optical distortions, including roller-wave effect, white haze, edge kink or any curving. We can achieve near-perfect tempered glass by taking quality seriously. Our Tempered Glass is tested for isotropic uniformity, and heat soaked to reduced the risk of spontaneous breakage. Test resports are available to clients upon request.

For marine applications

We also make ISO 614 certified glass for ships and marine applications. In essence, the standard defines the requirements for toughened safety glass panes to be used in rectangular windows and side scuttles. Our Tempered Glass fulfils the requirements for the standard and is, therefore, able to endure the harsh weather conditions and water pressure at sea.

Explore the quality of our heat treated glass.

Heat-strengthened glass


Strong & durable

Twice the thermal, mechanical and load-bearing strength of normal glass

High optical quality

Optical properties of normal, annealed glass

When to use our Heat-Strengthened Glass?

For strength and durability

When compared to tempered glass, it is not as strong and if it breaks, it shatters into bigger, sharper pieces. Therefore, heat-strengthened glass is not considered safety glass. To add safety and security, we often laminate heat-strengthened glass. Laminate holds pieces together even if glass breaks, it improves post-impact strength, and stops objects from falling through glass. It is often used in skylights, roofs, glass floors and catwalks.

Laminated Glass