Signal Glass

Give your phone signal a boost


Boosts signals

Improves phone signal transmittance
through glass by 200-300 times

No thermal compromise

Same thermal performance
to keep hot or cold

Added safety

Being able to reach others is
a question of safety

Unparalleled technology

Developed with leading universities
and research institutions

When to use our Signal Glass?

Enjoy both great insulation and phone service

With most available glazing products, you have to choose between thermal insulation or signal strength. This is because the metals and metal oxides used in insulating lowemissivity (low-E) glass coatings not only block unwanted heat energy transfer, but they also block radio waves, such as the phone signal. Our Signal Glass allows phone signals to transmit through glass without affecting thermal insulation. All of our products can be made Signal Glass with our patent-pending laser treatment, including single, double, triple or even quadriple-glazed glass.

Added safety

In case of an emergency, you want to make sure that you can reach out for help by making sure that phone signals can reach you. The problem today is that the increased use of metals and metal oxides in fortified concrete and insulated glass solutions are blocking phone signals from getting inside of buildings. This phenomena is known as the "Faraday cage". Not only is it causing an inconvenience, but jeopardising the safety of people inside. With Signal Glass, you can rest assured that help is within reach.

Future-proof your building

With the emergence of 5G telecommunications technology just around the corner, we have to get ready for the disrupting effect it will have on our daily lives, let alone entire industries. While 5G will be able to pack a lot more data, its shorter wave length will even make it harder than it already is for 4G signals to penetrate inside the building envelope. With Signal Glass, we can make sure that you are ready to reap the benefits as soon as 5G becomes available.

Technology in numbers

How much signal strength will improve depends on the chosen glazing solution and if single, double, triple or quadruple-glazed glass is used. Examples below

  • Single-pane glass: signal transmittance will improve between 66 and 200 times depending on used wavelength (900-3500 MHz)
  • Triple-glazed IGU with a low-E coating: the improvement will be between 100 to 4000 fold (900-3500 MHz).

Contact us to request exact numbers for your project.